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With unconfirmed changes having been made to the COWAN/DAS Legal Expense Insurance Policy, members are advised that all documents and references to their Agency Legal Expense Insurance are possibly out of date and/or inaccurate.

We are attempting to rectify this problem and are advising all members who have queries regarding their respective insurance policies to contact their agencies directly.

Information contained in documents on this website about such insurance coverage can no longer be considered as accurate and will be updated as soon as possible with revision dates of after February 01 2019.

G. Turrell

Executive Director

UFPCC History

The UFPCC (United Foster Parents of Canada Corporation) came into existence in 2001 as the "Legal Defence Fund of the Hastings Foster Parent Association" and was available only to Foster Parents working with the Hastings Children's Aid Society. Numerous other Foster Parent Associations throughout the province had their own independent defence funds, each offering limited assistance to their members. The founding members quickly realised that there was strength in numbers and that this service was something that would benefit ALL Canadian Foster Families, resulting in our name change and incorporation in November 2001.

The purpose of the UFPCC is to provide financial assistance and advice to our members when they are faced with a legal situation as a result of fostering. Currently we have eleven dedicated lawyers available at all times. Our membership fee is nominal and once you retire from fostering your membership transitions from Active to Retired.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for within these pages, we encourage you to contact the representative for your area, which you can obtain from our office at 1-855-273-0944 ext. 1 or by emailing the office at: office@ufpcc.com