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Assisting Foster Parents and their families since 2001

Welcome to the UFPCC

The UFPCC (United Foster Parents of Canada Corporation) "Legal Defence Fund “came into existence in 2001.

We assist foster families with advice and guidance when faced with stressful allegations and situations that can occur in the fostering system.

We can unfortunately only give limited advice on the agency insurance coverage; this is due to the fact that the major insurance company providing coverage for Children’s Aid Societies is unable by Regulation to provide us with any details regarding coverage provided by the individual policies as we are not the Policy Holder.

One of the major benefits with membership is a Legal Expense Insurance Policy that is designed to assist foster families with legal expenses if their family members face a criminal charge or investigation in relation to a child placed in their care by the relevant children’s aid society. It also provides foster parents with a further $100,000 in insurance coverage if they are charged with a criminal offence that is covered by the Children’s Aid insurance policy. There are conditions and restrictions which are fully explained in the Legal Assistance Plan, available on our download page.

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Board Members & Area Representatives

The UFPCC (United Foster Parents of Canada Corporation) is governed by a volunteer board, with the assistance of Area Representatives of each member agency. Board members are unpaid, but are eligible for reimbursement for approved expenses incurred as a result of their duties.

We are currently seeking new board members interested in guiding the UFPCC through the coming years. Active or retired members are qualified to apply for a position on the Board. Members are voted in or appointed for a maximum 3 year term at the yearly AGM (meeting of members). Applications can be found in the download section of this website.

If you are interested in becoming an Area Representative for your Foster Family Association, please contact them. The Area Representative if the primary contact person between the Foster Families and the UFPCC.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Graeme Turrell or the Office.